Cost-effective solutions to rockfall drapery protection. In certain rockfall hazard situations, it may not be practical to install rockfall drapery protection or surface stabilization mesh, due to technical, topographic, access or economic issues. In these cases, a cost-effective solution is often provided by installing dynamic rockfall catch fences on the slope face. These catch fences are positioned to intercept and stop falling rocks and boulders. Our rockfall fences are supplied in “kit form” for a specific height, length and energy absorption capacity.

How our rockfall catch fences work. Our rockfall catch fences feature a unique, patented, compression braking system. This energy absorption device is a simple, yet effective mechanism because it maintains performance throughout the entire design life of the structure. Unlike traditional ‘friction brake’ devices, our compression tube brake is very easy to visually inspect by our clients’ maintenance engineers as it progressively crushes as the fence is impacted. It also does not become clogged with grit or corrosion over the life of the fence, which could potentially reduce the effectiveness of the barrier under impact.

Maccaferri solutions have ETA approval. We supply rockfall barriers / catch fences with energy absorption capacities from 100kJ. These systems were developed through a combination of design and field tests, as required by the official standards (e.g. Swiss, Austrian and ETAG 027-2008 “Guideline for European Technical Approval of Falling Rock Protection Kits”). Our rockfall catch fences have been granted ETA Approval in accordance with ETAG 027. (Visit for the latest systems to be granted ETA).

We can work with clients to assist them in the optimal positioning of barriers on rock slopes.



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