FAQ Plaxis FEM

Below you can find answers to frequently asked questions about Plaxis FEM

  • Which software for fem can be used to model Maccaferri reinforced soil structures?

    The following softwares can be used, among the many softwares commercially available:

    • Plaxis 2D
    • Plaxis 3D
    • Rocscience RS2 (Phase2 9.0)
    • Rocscience RS3 (2.0)
    • GEO5 FEM

    Maccaferri often use PLAXIS 2D to model reinforced soil structures. Hence the following FAQs make reference primarily to PLAXIS 2D. Anyway the other FEM softwares above listed can be used as well and most of the following FAQs are also applicable to the other softwares. 

  • Do I need training to properly use Plaxis to model Maccaferri reinforced soil structures?

    There are many details to be considered in a FEM analysis and sometimes slight changes in the parameters might have a significant influence on the results. Maccaferri guidelines and FAQs cannot transmit the sensibility to the solution of geotechnical problems and the risk which is connected to the misunderstanding of any parameter.

    Required level of expertise in working with FEM software is needed, hence Maccaferri technical guidelines cannot replace a detailed training on FEM modelling.

    Professional training on FEM modelling is required before using any of the documented software for design or check purposes.

    Maccaferri highlights the risks linked to distribution of wrong results, due to wrong input parameters and/or incorrect conclusions related to the misreading of output and analysis results, since underestimated risks can lead to major problems in the development of a project and requests of compensation. 

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