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In today’s rapidly changing world, the demand for technological development and innovative solutions has become more pressing than ever before. With extreme weather events on the rise, the necessity for hydraulic works and erosion control applications is steadily increasing. This comes with a unique set of challenges, particularly when it comes to underwater installations.

Anti-scour protection of berthing
structures in harbor basins

Safeguarding bridge abutments
and piles from scouring

Implementation of longitudinal and grade
control structures in watercourses

Protecting offshore structures
and cables, like wind farms

What does a solution need to tackle these challenges?

The innovative prefilled mattress

Building upon the knowledge acquired through our rigorous testing campaigns, we embarked on a progressive journey to develop a cutting-edge solution that would streamline the installation process in underwater environments.

A key aspect of accomplishing this mission lies in our close cooperation with esteemed research institutes, where our solutions are rigorously studied and thoroughly tested by a diverse and skilled team of experts.

At Deltares Water Institute, our research has applied a scientific approach to a unique field of underwater operations that faces significant uncertainties.

Let the experts speak!

Dedicated webinar

Protecting ports: innovative research on scour prevention design

Learn about our innovative prefilled mattress, RenoMac Plus, which has undergone rigorous testing and achieved impressive results in resisting turbulent actions.

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